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House Plans - Design and Blueprints

Getting it right the first time for a better place to live.

For me, good house design starts with utilizing the lot to it's best potential. The size, shape, slope, access, views and surrounding masses (buildings, large trees) are all important considerations. The footprint and rooflines should contribute to the curb appeal and ease of landscaping.  The floor plan should maximize views, morning and winter sun, and privacy. The home's position on the lot should leave you with a comfortable recreating space for whatever capacity you see yourself using it; entertaining, gardening, future shop, playing with the kids, etc. 

A well designed house encompasses all the rooms you want AND puts them together in a way that makes for easy everyday living. It provides a logical flow and a place for everything no matter what your budget or square footage.  It utilizes space to its maximum potential and offers small, what I call "Zen" pleasures as you move from space to space. In other words, the home "feels right".

Most of us know when a space "feels right" but may not know why and vice versa. Why does a space feel unwelcoming or just "OK"? It’s a combination of many things; human scale, sight lines and views, traffic flow, privacy, proportion and balance of features, and balance of lighting, natural and artificial. Overwhelming isn't it? No worries. Together we'll get it right.

Now what about the look? That special feature you have your heart set on; feature fireplace, soaker tub with chandelier, kitchen hearth or whatever it may be. That's great. I love working with people's visions. It’s a great way to start the design process. It gives us real direction and everything else seems to brilliantly fall into place. In fact the more "I've always wanted" you can give me the easier my job is.

So let’s get started with your plans. I'm excited already! Are you? — Jody