Jody's Notebook

BETTER LIVING - the little things make a difference

Spray foam box joist ends

Often it’s the hidden things that make a difference in the comfort and functionality of a home.  At Charlton Homes we believe that the “right things” to do are worth doing even if you the homeowner can’t see it. For example;
1.   We spray foam all our floor joist box ends.  For you this means better insulation value and a more energy efficient home.  In addition to reducing air leakage I personally like the barrier it creates to prevent spiders from finding their way in!
2.   Charlton Homes builds with ICF foundation walls rather than concrete. ICF wall have a better R value and as a designer I like that I have more interior space to work with as an interior framed wall is not necessary.
3.   Design and technology is changing.  Many people are hanging their flat screen TVs on the wall.  So we design a logical location and build in a media box with a cable duct.  So no more wires hanging down!
4.   Blocking – there is nothing more frustrating than seeing towel bars pulling out of the wall, curtain rods ready to fall off or a handrail you are afraid to touch.  We pass on your new home beautiful and we want it to stay that way.  So at Charlton Homes we take the time to put blocking in for everything you can think of… towel bars and rings, curtains, closet, handrail and even shower rods.

Above this spray foam is living space so we wanted to make sure it recieved the best insulation and air leakage control.
ICF foundation walls, spray foam box joist ends.  As a designer I see a window placed right under a ceiling.  The ceiling will act as a reflector and bring more light into this space.  You have to optomize south light, expecially in a basement!
Media box and duct so no more cables hanging down from your wall mounted TV.  This one is in the master bedroom.
Closet Blocking
Towel ring blocking